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Go Worldwide in 29 countries, without any effort.

One video distribute in 29+ languages.

Translate all type of content, from educational videos to marketing materials and YouTube videos, to reach a global audience.

Direct Uploads

Choose to Upload videos directly from your computer or from YouTube, bypassing the hassle of manual downloads and uploads.

Translate in 29+Β languages

Break language barriers with a single click using your own voice. Provide a link and the translation in minutes!

Voice cloning

Automatically clone your voice in over 29 languages and generate a Script Editor where you can correct any misunderstood word.

Lip syncing

Our Lip Syncing feature automatically translates and naturally syncs lip movements in any language, in just one click.

29+ languages.

Communicate with your audience in your authentic voice across more than 29 languages. Avoid robotic AI voices by using our natural-speech enhancement feature.


What's Dubvid?
DubVid is an online tool that allows users to upload or paste a video, translates the spoken language into a different language, and then clones the speaker's voice to match the new language. DubVid also adjusts the mouth movements to perfectly match the translated audio, ensuring a natural appearance.
How does that work?
DubVid uses advanced AI algorithms to first transcribe the spoken words, then translate them into the desired language. After that, it clones your voice to match the translation and creates lip-syncing that aligns perfectly with the new audio, ensuring everything looks and sounds natural.
What if there are some errors in the translation?
Even if the translation is super accurate and up-to-date, it can sometimes happen that some words are misunderstood, especially with brand names, etc. That's why we created a Transcription Editor where you can modify wrongly understood words to your own translation in just a click. This fixes any issues with potential errors.
Can I test it for free?
Yes, you can! We're offering you up to 30 seconds of free translation to test out DubVid and discover just how revolutionary it is.
Can I choose from multiple languages for translation?
Yes, we are currently supporting more than 29 languages to this date and aim to add more really soon.
How accurate is the translation, voice cloning and lip-syncing?
The translation and voice cloning accuracy are high, thanks to our sophisticated AI algorithms. The lip-syncing feature is also meticulously crafted to align with the translated speech.

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